Get a full picture of your assets' health

eMaint CMMS paired with Fluke sensor data can help your team:

Downtime clock icon

Eliminate unplanned downtime

Be proactive in avoiding equipment downtime by scheduling maintenance as needed based on analysis of asset condition data.

Reduce backlog checkbox icon

Reduce work order backlog

Improve efficiency by auto-triggering work orders when a calendar date or meter point is met, and viewing open work by type, technician, craft, etc.

Parts accountability gear icon

Improve spare parts accountability

Save time and budget by associating spare parts with assets and PMs, automatically reordering parts, and implementing barcoding.

eMaint CMMS and Fluke sensors can give a full picture of the health of your assets when paired together. With a seamless integration of sensor and maintenance software, maintenance teams can continuously monitor equipment data and move toward a predictive maintenance strategy.

Ready to improve the way you manage maintenance?

50,000+ users worldwide rely on eMaint to predict failures, eliminate downtime, and improve reliability

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Kristijan A. profile image

Kristijan A

Continuous Improvement Manager - LTV Region

Enterprise(5001-10,000 employees)

Feb 17, 2020

"Asset Management Tool For All Types Of Business"

What do you like best?
Reliable, Secure, Completely On-Line, Customization/Configuration can be done by End User, You get whole package not pay by module, user friendly, Sandbox account to practice. Having requester account that anybody can access and request work, items etc. Going paperless and having one stop shop system to supersede all spreadsheets in our company dispersed everywhere also providing availability for all product modules.

Clear, modern, live charts without further maintenance required, tracking of information is simple and easy with applying multiple filters and best part is search within comments or just part of the word or etc, documentation is always available and portable within the system.

Logan E profile image

Logan E

Facilities Planner

Enterprise(1001-5000 employees)

Feb 12, 2020

"eMaint X5 is the way to go!"

What do you like best?
eMaint is an extremely user friendly software! This CMMS allows you to empower your team and organization to excel in every aspect. From OEE metrics to simple work order management, this software does it all. The new X5 platform is structured tremendously better allowing for a more powerful output with reporting.

The scheduler tool has a super intuitive UI that allows dragging and dropping work orders onto the calendar, viewing work order details from the scheduler, and much more.

Fluke Reliability offers reliability and maintenance teams the tools, software, and services they need to optimize asset performance. Home to three powerful iconic brands—PRUFTECHNIK, eMaint, and Fluke Connect—we serve more than 70,000 customers worldwide with a relentless dedication to quality, innovation, and service. Our products inform customers on the health of their assets and our software and services drive better maintenance decisions—improving productivity, driving uptime, and reducing costs.

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